Thank you!

We would like to express our deep gratitude towards all the people who supported us and our project „Loving Animals“, generously giving their time and energy. They all contributed to creating more space for respectful relationships between humans and animals in this world that all beings can enjoy.

Special thanks to Paul Catty for the English translation and David Bell for the title and the music on all the videos.

A big thank you to Cornelia Schneider for the webdesign and all her technical support. A big thank you also to Emil Dzugas for his ongoing technical creativity, perseverance and patience.

Thanks to Lisa Leicht, Karin-Petra Freiling, Lily Merklin and Dr. Daniela Zurr for the videos they created to demonstrate some TTouches.

Thanks to Erika Merklin and Audrey Maak for the proof-reading.

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Cornelia Schneider –
Emil Dzugas –
Lisa Leicht –
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It goes without saying that we are immensely grateful to all the animals in our lives.